Local products

Executive Chef Raoul Meuwese prefers to work with local products which are sustainability grown or caught. That is why he is always looking for local entrepreneurs who share his passion. On our current Menu du Chef you will find a variety of dishes of which the ingredients are largely or completely from Dutch soil.

Sustainable fish


On the current Menu du Chef, Raoul has chosen for the Hamachi as a starter. This fish, better known as the Dutch Yellowtail, is farmed by Kingfish Zeeland. This farm is located on the Eastern Scheldt (Dutch: Oosterschelde), which is a former estuary in the province of Zeeland. The Dutch Yellowtails are farmed in clear seawater in the unspoiled nature of the reserve. The fishes have a good appetite and they grow in a healthy manner. The Dutch Yellowtail gets all his nutrients out of the water from the Eastern Scheldt. With assistance from advanced and sustainable technology and with more than 30 years of practical experience in sea fish farming, Kingfish Zeeland delivers a unique and pure fish. Besides the fact that the Hamachi is very tasty, this way of farming is very sustainable; maximum use of naturel sources, as little waste as possible, by using seawater no drink water is wasted and the favorable climate prevents water pollution, parasites and algal blooms.

Together with the Hamachi, Raoul serves sustainably caught ‘Zeeuwse’ mussels, again originated from the beautiful province of Zeeland. These mussels are crowned with the Marine Stewardship Council quality mark, a non-profit organization who is committed to end overfishing around the world. Accompanying the seafood, we serve green peppers and radish originating from the Westland, a municipality in the west of the Netherlands. We serve these vegetables in various ways. The green peppers are used in a Mole Verde and the radishes give the dish a fresh bite.

Dutch apples

The favourite fruit of Executive Chef Raoul are apples and that is why he loves to incorporate them in his dishes. The Dutch ‘Schone van Boskoop’ apple is the perfect ingredient for one of his desserts. The apple, better known as the Golden Reinet, is a very popular type and is usually used in the Dutch proud, the apple pie. Nowadays, the Schone van Boskoop is worldwide renowned for its excellent quality.

The Schone van Boskoop in this dessert is served with delicious honey to give the dessert an extra dimension. This honey is produced in Amsterdam and is not processed. As a result, the ingredients are well preserved and the honey retains its taste.